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Additional info for those interested

You can contact us for questions or request a demo right away. For a demo you will first need an account on the website,  you can register an account by going to the log in page and clicking “External submission“. You will then be taken to a registration form where you are requested to fill in all of the fields and to choose your own username and password. Should a username already be in use, a warning will appear. After submitting your registration, you will have to wait until the app’s manager has completed preparations and sent confirmation that your application has been accepted.

In the field labelled “Reason for application” for instance, you can let us know what line of work you are in, so we can link your application to an existing knowledge domain, if possible. More often than not, we will also want to contact you to find out a little more about you and the reason for your application. So that we can take this into account as well when handling your application.

The “New submission” option is typically used by job applicants or temporary workers. By using our services, they would enable themselves to “train” for an upcoming intake interview. Training results provide sufficient data for the initial selection round. Upon entry a formal verification can be filled out to serve as a first internal certificate in the e-portfolio to be used by the manager.