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iSee iKnow is widely applicable

The fact that we have customers in offshore, heavy industry, nutrition, converting, chemical sector, public utility, construction, logistics and in the insurance sector proves that.

Areas of application

The initial appliance can vary per company. In the industry prevention measures such as OHS are a blessing. Companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of proper delegation of responsibilities. The employer can provide irrefutable proof of the employees’ knowledge and ability to work safely.

Another important appliance is the storage of knowledge, that is demanded by ISO-, TS- and BRC-certificates and the like. These certificates are increasingly emphasising on the storage of knowledge and the education of non-conformities. In the nutrition sector we have a variety of examples where we are in compliance with the BRC-certification.

Another reason for using our services could be that agents are required by law to have a certain amount of financial knowledge in order to practice their profession.

Finally iSee iKnow is also utilised to a great extent in the storage of process knowledge. Well devised procedures are too scarcely read. As soon as an event presents itself during a procedure or work related instruction, it is added and linked to the database.

Other organisations train their call-centre agents, their assembly teams, or their production.

After iSee iKnow has been implemented and employees are becoming more aware of how knowledge is composed, they take initiative in broaching and mentioning a new subject.